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Team Pacat Tarik Diri Dari MUL 2017/2018

Kuala Lumpur, 20 Mac 2018 – Team Pacat dalam kenyataan yang disiarkan melalui laman Facebooknya telah mengumumkan penarikan diri daripada Malaysia Ultra League Championship (Kejuaraan Liga Ultra Malaysia) musim 2017/ 2018.

Ini bermakna penyertaan acara-acara anjuran Team Pacat tidak lagi layak untuk mendapat kiraan mata dalam liga tersebut. Acara-acara yang terlibat adalah Watergate 16 Hours 2018, King of Kampung Kemensah 2018, King of Sungai Lembing 2018, Pink Ultra 2018 dan Melaka Ultra 2018.

Team Pacat menyatakan keputusan penarikan diri adalah berpunca daripada ketidakpuasan hati mereka terhadap kritikan terbuka Presiden Malaysian Ultra Runners Association tentang acara anjuran Team Pacat yang dikatakan tidak setaraf dengan standrad MURA.

“Withdrawal from MUL 2018

1. We have decided to withdraw all of our events from MUL 2018.

2. The decision was made due to MURA’s president public comment that our events are not up to the par with MURA standards and requesting us to compare with his own event under Endurance Nature, where he is the Race Director.

3. We are open to all constructive comment but coming from a president of association that we have supported for so long in a IMPROPER CHANNEL is just an insult for us.

4. As of now we don’t feel our events deserve to be in the league until the association is free from CONFLICT OF INTEREST and FAVORITISM.

5. As promised, all FREE slots awarded during MUL2017 gala dinner will be remain as it is.

6. Also, the Team Pacat decision has no impact on all Pacat V-Army movement, they are free to provide support to other events, either personally or under Pacat V-Army umbrella.

Team Pacat”

MUL dalam laman Facebooknya juga mengumumkan acara anjuran Team Pacat telah dikeluarkan daripada kalendar MUL musim 2017/ 2018 atas permintaan Team Pacat.

At Team Pacat’s request, the following races are no longer a part of the MUL calendar for the ongoing 2017/2018 season:
• Watergate 16 Hours 2018
• King of Kampung Kemensah 2018
• King of Sungai Lembing 2018
• Pink Ultra 2018
• Melaka Ultra 2018

MUL would like to wholeheartedly thank Team Pacat for their involvement thus far in the MUL Championship and wish Team Pacat all the best in their future endeavours.
Note: The allocated free race entry slots given by Team Pacat during the MUL Gala Dinner are retained / unaffected.”

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