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Senarai Marathon Penuh di Malaysia Tahun 2018

Marathon Malaysia 2018

21 Jan 2018 – Twincity Marathon (Cyberjaya) (Pendaftaran Ditutup)
4 Mac 2018 – Malaysia Women Marathon (Shah Alam) (Pendaftaran Ditutup)
11 Mac 2018 – Brooks Run Out Pahang Marathon (Kuantan) (Pendaftaran Ditutup)
18 Mac 2018 – Miri Marathon (Pendaftaran Ditutup)
8 April 2018 – Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon (Pendaftaran Ditutup)
14 April 2018 – Iskandar Puteri Night Marathon (Johor) (Pendaftaran Ditutup)
5 Mei 2018 – Perlis Marathon (Pendaftaran Ditutup)
6 Mei 2018 – Borneo Marathon (Kota Kinabalu) (Pendaftaran Ditutup)
8 Julai 2018 – Hulu Langat Marathon (Selangor) (Pendaftaran Dibuka)
22 Julai 2018 – Cat City Marathon (Kuching) (Pendaftaran Dibuka)
12 Ogos 2018 – Kuching Marathon (Pendaftaran Dibuka)
08 Sept 2018 – Larian Jambatan Sultan Mahmud (Terengganu) (Pendaftaran Dibuka)
7 Oktober 2018 – Balik Pulau Marathon (Pendaftaran Dibuka)
27 Oktober 2018 – Putrajaya Night Marathon (Pendaftaran Belum Dibuka)
25 November 2018 Penang Bridge International Marathon (Pendaftaran Dibuka)

Tarikh belum diumumkan:
November 2018 Sundown Marathon Iskandar
November 2018 KUL Marathon

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  1. 1. Hulu Langat Marathon date has been announced.
    2. I PMed Sundown Marathon before their event this year and they said they plan to bring it back to Penang next year.
    3. New marathon Balik Pulau Marathon is scheduled on 6 Mei.
    4. I think there’s another new marathon event in Taiping. However I won’t recommend it due to really bad feedbacks from other participants based from other events the same organizer organized previously.

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